What do uPVC Casement windows with double glazing cost?
What do uPVC Casement windows with double glazing cost?
July 28, 2016
Double Glazed Windows
Benefits You Can Get From Double Glazed Windows
April 3, 2018

What are the prices for Orangery Conservatories?

How Much Does an Orangery Cost?As you would expect, prices for Orangery Conservatories vary greatly, but for a bespoke home extension the expense of building it could very well be exceeded by the re-sale value it adds to your property.

Experts consider that a good quality home extension such as an orangery could add more than 10% to the value of a home – and with average house prices in the UK heading for 250k+ then if you spend around 15-20k on a good orangery, then not only do you get to enjoy the living space, you can get more than your money back if you sell at a later date.

Extending a house is one of the things many people do, not only to cope with a growing family, but as an alternative to selling & moving.

Given the potential return on the investment, emotionally, financially and lifestyle wise, if you have the means to do so, then go ahead and get a new orangery as soon as possible.